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Tim and I are a team in so many ways. We have been married since 1991. He creates and manufactures the various products you see on this website. I handle all of the bookkeeping and the marketing to keep the business running. In addition to this, our teamwork has also developed a line of woodburned art.


When you combine my background in arts and crafts, and Tim's years of experience as a master craftsman in wood, a unique line of woodburned art is the result.


My half of the creative side is finding and developing patters as well as the actual woodburning. Tim's half of the creative process is coming up with the different surfaces upon which I can woodburn.


Usually woodburning (also called pyrography) is done on soft woods, such as basswood. I like to experiment and not limit myself to the standard surface. I have created on oak. walnut, cherry, ash, hickory and knotty pine. You can check out our Woodburned Art Gallery Here


The woodburning is done with woodburning irons and not by a laser, therefore, it is a slow process, but also results in a unique piece. The irons heat to approximately 950 degrees. As i work on a project, the wood seems to come to life as I darken and shade it by repeatedly applying the different tips of my irons.


I worked part time for a year on a four foot project of red oak plywood to woodburn the three horses shown in our gallery. This was a special project for my brother-in-law requested for his house.


Prices vary by size and complexity of the design. Sample pictures can be seen in our gallery of designs.


I have a large selection of patters and pictures available that are not shown and would be happy to consult with you on a design and wood surface of your choosing. Call me at (419) 886-2340 or email me at janetwhatman@gmail.com for more information.


Here are some suggestions of surfaces that you can have woodburned:

  • Interior door panels
  • Cupboard door panels
  • Inlays for wood floors
  • Lids of wood boxes / chests

To give you an idea of what a project may cost - Doors - Pre=Hung and Finished with clear lacquer run around $350.00 with a pyropgrahy feature.